Live/Install for Debian Stretch, RT-PREEMPT, LinuxCNC 2.7.x

These images based on Debian Stretch, the 4.9.x RT-PREEMPT kernel, and a released version of LinuxCNC 2.7.x.

They can be used as a live USB/DVD for latency testing and installed to a hard drive.

We are in the process of making these the official recommended images for LinuxCNC 2.7, you can track the progress of that task on github.

For more information about the image building process, see this github repository.

If you've fetched an earlier version (e.g., ...-r1.iso) then you can fetch a newer version efficiently using zsync -i ...-r1.iso http://....-r2.iso.zsync.

You can check the integrity of your downloaded images with e.g., sha256sum --check SHA256SUMS

      Name                                                                                                                     Last modified      Size  Description
Parent Directory - MD5SUMS 27-Oct-2018 11:22 282 MD5SUMS-r12 02-Oct-2018 18:59 298 MD5SUMS-r13 27-Oct-2018 11:13 298 SHA256SUMS 27-Oct-2018 11:22 410 SHA256SUMS-r12 02-Oct-2018 18:59 426 SHA256SUMS-r13 27-Oct-2018 11:13 426 linuxcnc-stretch-uspace-amd64-r12.iso 03-Oct-2018 02:55 1.2G linuxcnc-stretch-uspace-amd64-r12.iso.zsync 02-Oct-2018 19:06 2.5M linuxcnc-stretch-uspace-amd64-r13.iso 27-Oct-2018 17:57 1.2G linuxcnc-stretch-uspace-amd64-r13.iso.zsync 27-Oct-2018 11:17 2.5M linuxcnc-stretch-uspace-amd64.iso 27-Oct-2018 17:57 1.2G linuxcnc-stretch-uspace-amd64.iso.zsync 27-Oct-2018 11:17 2.5M linuxcnc-stretch-uspace-i386-r12.iso 03-Oct-2018 02:40 1.3G linuxcnc-stretch-uspace-i386-r12.iso.zsync 02-Oct-2018 19:02 2.6M linuxcnc-stretch-uspace-i386-r13.iso 27-Oct-2018 17:52 1.3G linuxcnc-stretch-uspace-i386-r13.iso.zsync 27-Oct-2018 11:13 2.6M linuxcnc-stretch-uspace-i386.iso 27-Oct-2018 17:52 1.3G linuxcnc-stretch-uspace-i386.iso.zsync 27-Oct-2018 11:13 2.6M old/ 02-Oct-2018 19:11 -