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TOPIC: parport does not work in diection "in"

Re:parport does not work in diection "in" 29 Nov 2011 23:19 #15218

  • grandixximo
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No it's still like that, i have make my I/O suffice in the manner that they come, i cannot change the port as i like, but the way they are it's not bad

Do you have the same problem?

What PC are you using?

I haven't really dig deep on the issue, but i'd be happy if someone found a solution...
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Re:parport does not work in diection "in" 30 Nov 2011 10:27 #15231

  • RayJr
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The problem I am having is a little different.

The machine is based on an Intel Atom D510 motherboard, with the following:
a netmos based PCI parallel port card
PMDX 132 BOB board with GeckoG202s
PMDX 122 BOB card

The problem I was having was erratic stepping. I had not gotten to checking the inputs from the 122 to the PCI parallel card.
I found that when the second PP was plugged in, the supply voltage on the 122 was loaded down to about half, with a lot of ripple. That is supplied from the 132, so the 132 was effected, which effected the Geckos.
More troubleshooting exposed that I had not picked the correct i/o address for the PCI card. I started out using the address with the 16bit, but ended up using one of the 8bit locations.

A while back I had discovered that when you configure the second & third PP for IN with the StepConf wizard, the HAL file sets them as OUT. I tried setting them to OUT in StepConf, and the HAL file showed them as IN.

So now the 132 power supply is not being loaded down. I will test the inputs to he 122/second PP tonight.

One more weird anomaly I found, when I tried to plug the second PCI PP to the 132 (before I found the addressing issue), nothing worked, except the E-stop, on pin 10. I would expect no response, not a response from one pin. I duplicated the experiment with the first PP with the same result. No stepping from the drivers, but the E-stop input functioned correctly.

I still have a bunch of issues to sort out, and learning to do.

Like what StepConf puts into the following variables in the HAL file:
setp stepgen.0.position-scale [ASIS_0] SCALE
setp stepgen.0.steplen 1
setp stepgen.0.stepspace 0
setp stepgen.0.dirhold 35000
setp stepgen.0.dirsetup 16000

I would expect those variables to be single digit of >=1.

More things to learn!

I hope this was not too long winded!

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