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LinuxCNC 2.6.10 is out.  This one contains a couple of bug fixes.  Full changelog here.

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Fresh install instructions. Updating from 2.6.x instructions. Release (changelog).

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TOPIC: parts counter

Re:parts counter 13 Feb 2011 15:09 #7175

  • M4MazakUser
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Ok, im currently trying to get an M1xx code working. you see, i normally load 4.5metre bars into the machine and run off as many parts as needed, i have the "out of bar" switch connected up to
net outa_bar <= halui.program.block-delete.on
makes it stop in such a situation.
But !
i want to be able to set a value while the program is running, not have to rely on the
/ O100 REPEAT [12]
value, giving me the ability to have a visible display on how many parts to go, and even possibly work out how long.

p.s. having a lot of trouble trying to make an m1xx code work, it was much easier when they are hooked up to "actual" pins.
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Re:parts counter 14 Feb 2011 00:01 #7178

  • andypugh
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Would it help to use a DO / WHILE loop and an actual counting variable? You would need to link the variable to an analogue output and write to it each time round the loop if you wanted to display it in a PyVCP panel.

Perhaps we need to decide what you want to happen, then figure out how to make it happen? Currently I think that process is being reversed.
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Re:parts counter 14 Feb 2011 07:04 #7182

  • BigJohnT
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Could you create a small parts counter component with the needed pins and toggle one pin for each loop somehow to count the parts? I'm not at a computer with EMC so I can't test this idea. Just thinking out loud...

What troubles are you having with M1xx?

Examples here:

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