2.6 Live+Install image
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Announcing a new Live+Install DVD image for installing LinuxCNC 2.6 on Debian Wheezy. Instructions here.

LinuxCNC 2.6.4 is released!
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A couple of important UI bugs fixed, all users of 2.6 are encouraged to upgrade.  Full changelog here.

LinuxCNC 2.6.3 is released
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Several bugs fixed, see the change log.

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Release Information

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EMC2 Release System

EMC2 will be using a release model similar to (but simpler than) the one used by Debian. At any one time there will be three versions of EMC2. Debian uses "stable", "testing", and "unstable". We will be using "Released", "Testing", and "Head". For the latest information, click on the version you are interested in.


"Released" is exactly that, a released version of EMC2 with a version number. It is tested by both developers and beta users before being released, and is suitable for the average user. Most developers and IRC/mailing list regulars are able to help support people running a released version. "Released" is available in several forms, including .debs for ubuntu and possibly BDI-4.xx, and source tarballs for local compilation. There will be a debian repository which will always have the latest released version (and thus allows for easy upgrade between stable releases).


"Testing" is a version of EMC2 that is ready for "beta testing" but not for general release. Before a version is labeled "testing" it will be known to compile and run on several different platforms, but there will probably be various limitations and known problems. The "Testing" wiki page will attempt to list known problems and workarounds, but there will probably also be undiscovered bugs. Since "Testing" is "beta" software, it should not be used for anything critical. Users of "Testing" need to understand that it is beta software, and must be willing to give detailed bug reports if things go wrong. "Testing" is available primarily as a tag in CVS, although for convenience of testers, .debs and/or tarballs may also be available.


"Head" is the HEAD of the CVS version control system. It is where all the primary development takes place. "Head" can be broken at any time. When "Head" reaches a state that is deemed worthy of testing by a larger number of people, the "Testing" tag will be moved. Development will immediately continue, and "Head" will once again diverge from "Testing". "Head" has no "version number", and on a busy weekend it can literally change every 10 minutes.
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