2.6 Live+Install image
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Announcing a new Live+Install DVD image for installing LinuxCNC 2.6 on Debian Wheezy. Instructions here.

LinuxCNC 2.6.4 is released!
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A couple of important UI bugs fixed, all users of 2.6 are encouraged to upgrade.  Full changelog here.

LinuxCNC 2.6.3 is released
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Several bugs fixed, see the change log.

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The 2006 EMC Fest

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May 15 - 21, 2006 (preliminary date)

CNC Workshop at Cardinal Engineering, Galesburg, Illinois, USA.
A hands on workshop and exhibition for those building or converting CNC machines run by Roland Friestad.
Workshops and seminars all week. Vendor exhibits full attendance on Saturday and Sunday, but many will be there all week.
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